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3 dogs on a whale


The happy pack sunning themselves on “whale rock”.





Hooking, but not for a living


I’m talking about crochet hooks here and not what you were imagining. Although there is an interesting historical link between lace work and prostitution. One of the possible origins of the term “hooker” is from poorly paid lace workers in desperate conditions “back in the day” (whenever that day was) earning extra money by using other ‘talents’ they may have possessed. The origins of crochet are little known, but the first printed pattern was from the Netherlands.

I actually learned this from a book that Sarah used to help her become hooked on crochet. Why, with little interest in the how-to, did I pick up and read the introduction of the book? Possibly something to do with the title: Stitch’n’Bitch crochet – the Happy Hooker.

Look what the new girl did! A cozy blanket in winter-blues-chasing colours.


A tea cozy. Yes I know it’s a cafetière/coffee plunger, but I use it for tea.


Stephen Hawking and many other super-brains recently warned of the dire consequences for humanity by allowing AI to make decisions in war. It’s quite chilling to imagine the science fiction of a HAL from 2001 or Skynet from Terminator becoming science non-fiction. Becoming self aware, self replicating and recognizing that humans are a threat so must be eliminated.

From what I’ve seen around here, and the ever increasing number of crocheted things, I have my own concerns. Look, the crochet hooks have even crocheted their own crochet tool kit!


And then there were three…


Back in September, David’s mum was on holiday with us from Australia and we decided to take a scenic drive through the Serra da Lousã to visit some of the schist villages. We spotted a sign to what we thought was a lake, so headed down the track to investigate. What we found was more of a large muddy puddle, a picnic spot and an abandoned dog.

There was a family having a picnic with their toddler and their own puppy. Abandoned dog was on her best behaviour, staying well out of the way and ignoring the toddler and puppy who kept heading towards her. We realised that the rubbish that was strewn around the picnic site was probably a result of her trying to find food in the bins and she certainly wolfed down the scraps that the picnicking family gave her.

She was extremely thin and we couldn’t leave her there. It was a Sunday so we decided to take her home and think about finding her a home on Monday, because obviously we couldn’t keep her.

Ha ha.


By Monday morning, it was clear that she was staying and we named her Lousã, after the area we found her in. We took her to the vet to get her checked over – although free of any major health issues and, surprisingly, fleas, she was extremely underweight, had some sort of mites on her skin that meant she had patchy fur and had open sores on her hips. She also had a chip which was a bit of a shock. Fortunately the chip wasn’t registered and it turned out that our vet knew the owner – she had been dumped along with a litter of puppies. The puppies had been caught and taken to the vet from where they were rehomed, but no-one had been able to catch the dog. The vet decided that she was better off with us.




She has settled in beautifully. She gets on well with Juta and Gil and knows her place – by far the biggest but the lowest ranking of the pack. She is smart, desperate to please and has two (reasonably) well behaved dogs to learn from so is picking up the dos and don’ts quickly. Physically she is a different dog – she has put on weight, the sores have healed and she got over the skin issues so her coat is thick and shiny now.




While we weren’t considering getting a third dog, and certainly not nearly 30kg of third dog, we don’t know what we would do with out her now. Life is better with more dogs.