Custom filters, Le Parfait and a crazy lady


Take one phone camera, a dirty windscreen and pair of sunglasses for that apocalyptic sky look then combine. Look for a sign (nothing religious happened, so settled for road sign), powerlines, vapour trails and some mountains. Take photo.


I was so proud of this shot I emailed it to my old photography teacher in the Netherlands. He has already rejected the colour and sent his version back to me in B&W! Phew, glad I wasn’t being marked.

Going for teacher’s pet, so this next one is B&W. Sometimes reflections and shadows are better than the original object. In this case the lovely old typography on a Le Parfait jar. Le Parfait started in the 1930’s and 50% of the glass used in new jars is recycled. Bet you didn’t know that. Now you can drop it into conversations!


And I leave you with this. A particular lady I live with, separates the half peanuts from the whole before eating. They also have to be separated by a kind of DNZ (de-nutted-zone) which I can only presume is so no cross contamination occurs. This deeply worrying. Putting all kitchen knives in a locked cabinet.






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  1. a) Photography: as usual, amazing, beautiful and beyond me. Is that a reflected shadow or a shadowy reflection? Doesn’t matter, it’s great. It reminds me of a shadowy reflection of a library sign on a wet roadway somewhere in France. b) Peanuts: Sarah and Merri need to discuss things like pegs needing to match clothes and how to slice a mushroom.

    • What Steve is referring to is my (let’s call it a mushroom quirk), where I only buy mushrooms in groups divisible by 4, cutting them into 4 before eating.

  2. I do that with peanuts too. I take it one step further by having 3 piles. Whole, half and then half with the little stem bit still attached. The stem then has to be picked out and eaten first.

  3. Superb photography as usual ….went to the cupboard to check my glass jars& yes I have one …am worried about Sarah & Merri……as am sure I don’t have any strange habits.xx

  4. Sarah didn’t behave like that when she lived with us David, but then, of course, we didn’t make our camera wear sunglasses………………

  5. I’m glad to hear that I am not the only one who separates my peanuts.

    Dad, I don’t think it’s a good idea to get into a conversation about where I may have picked up certain quirks. Remember cutting those weird bacon steak things and potato waffles into equal pieces? Or making little piles of different foods towards the end of a meal so each forkful has a bit of everything? Learned them both from you.

    Merri, you would be horrified if we ever got talking about clothes pegs. Not only do I not match them to the clothes but we have some plastic and some wooden and sometimes I USE ONE OF EACH FOR THE SAME PIECE OF CLOTHING!! 😱 You may however like to discuss some quirks with David. We used to have dinner plates that were all different colours – I caught him rearranging them on the dishes rack so the colour order was more pleasing while they dried. Sounds like that would be right up your street.

  6. Hi lovely photography, especially the reflections on the jars. I wonder if you’ll consider returning to the D2E forum? Your blog is on one of their posts….. Westgreen

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