A drive to somewhere in the mountains


Somewhere? Can’t you be more specific? Well no, right now I’m drinking tea and eating roasted chestnuts just out of the wood burner oven, so looking a map seems like a multi-task too far for me. Also, I have a throat infection and I really couldn’t be bothered! Anyway it wasn’t a drive to anywhere in specific, it was just a meandering drive to check out some new scenery. Sorry about the lack of photos, hands on wheel at all times.

Looking somewhere northish probably the 2km high Serra da Estrela off in the distance.



Some village by a river. Probably unnaturally wide due to damming down river.



In some other village where we stopped for lunch. This village like many in the mountains, features a glorious praia fluvial (river beach). Most have a grassed area for lounging about, safe walls with steps, a flat paved river bed, toilets and wheelchair access to the water. This one also has picnic benches, covered kiddie playing equipment and outdoor exercise machines. A real social focal point for the village, even out of season when the water is not to be touched if you are sane.

To top it all off, another example of complimentary yet completely opposite architecture that the Portuguese are so good at. This is the entrance to the praia fluvial, including a central walkway with toilets and changing off to each side. That orange is so outrageous and the pure geometry in this village setting just shouldn’t make sense. But look at it! Happy place.


Somebody’s mother pretending to have a shower. Or is that a public teleport zone?




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