Return to an old favourite


This post was meant to be yesterday and before Porto, but due to operator malfunction, you’re only seeing it now.

It’s raining, the fire is going and a spicy hot chocolate has just been polished off. Warm and content. I could go and clean the wreck of what’s left of the kitchen after I made this morning’s traditional Sunday fried breakfast or I could get distracted! After a long two second think, distracted was the chosen path.

Some photos of various doings over the summer with visiting family. One of the many fantastic places within easy reach of us is an old favourite, Alcobaça Monastery. We hadn’t been there since we were traveling through Portugal and it was nice to see the old girl has had a bit of a tart-up! Most of the stone work has been cleaned back to its original blinding white and it looks glorious. Lucky I had sun glasses or it might have been the last thing I saw.




The tombs of Inês and Pedro. The story of this couple is a fascinating part of Portugal’s history. A throne, power struggle, family turmoil, epic love and horrific gore. Sounds remarkably Game of Thrones doesn’t it? Only this isn’t an HBO production so it doesn’t feature boobs liberally distributed throughout. If you don’t like the sound of hearts being ripped out, decapitation or kissing exhumed corpses then I suggest you read no further!



Some lovely old typography which I have translated for you. No ballius gamesium in the cloisters. The managmentium.


An extractor fan hood to end all before it. The kitchen is entirely covered in glazed tiles and features mod-cons like fresh water from the re-routed stream.


Ummmm? Well let’s just say I don’t want to stand under that little cherub when it rains!



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