Close encounter


Next in our exciting new series ‘Things to make my mum wish we weren’t here’ – a scorpion in the bedroom!


I was getting ready for bed so had already taken my contact lenses out. I walked into the dark bedroom (bare feet of course, it’s still hot here), down one side of the bed to turn the bedside light on, down the other side to turn that light on, put some dirty washing in the laundry basket. Then I saw a leaf on the floor on my side of the bed (the side of the bed I had just walked down in the dark in bare feet) so bent down to take a closer look before picking it up – fortunately, as the leaf turned out to be a scorpion. And not teeny tiny one either – this one was about 7cm long. I sat on the bed quite quickly and called out to David who hates scorpions more than just about anything else. He came and looked at it, swore quite a bit, stomped around a bit trying to decide the best way to catch it and swore quite a bit more. In the end, scooping it up in a dustpan then trapping it under a glass jar was deemed to be the best way and was pretty successful. We then took it across the road and flung it into the land of the abandoned house opposite us.

Apparently this little chap is Buthus ibericus and not uncommon in Portugal. While the sting is said to be extremely painful, it shouldn’t do any real harm to a normal, healthy adult. We look forward to never seeing one again.



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  1. So it’s not quite as bad as a Sydney funnel-web spider. Nevertheless Pam and I will bring some scorpion-proof slippers with us.

    • If it’s any consolation, we discovered while trying to identify this one, that there are a couple of scorpion populations in the UK too. And, as Dick pointed out, at least we are not in the land of funnel-web spiders.

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