Day 4


We were wrong about there being a delay because of yesterday’s accident. In fact, today was busier than any other day and at one point this afternoon there were four guys working on the back wall. It was only 35° today, so they just did an 11 hour day.

The electrician came today too to do the wiring for the extra power points in the kitchen. I hadn’t realised it is possible to work with wiring while the mains is still switched on but apparently it is. We were working away, waiting for him to say he needed to turn the power off but he just told us he was finished. We’ve checked, all the power points work. Not sure how that is possible, but then we aren’t electricians.

So, most of the back wall finished today and a huge amount of cleaning up. A channel has been dug/ground/hacked out of the wall ready to take the new pipe for the outdoor tap and the plumber (who is also the electrician) will be back tomorrow to finish that. Then our outdoor sink, which we bought three years ago and has been sitting in the garden ever since, can be installed. Nearly there!





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  1. We think it looks absolutely superb. You definitely went for the right option, not going for new rendering. The sink will look terrific.

  2. I guess you work on a live circuit carefully. I have of electricians work like this as then they know it it live, and not assume off really means off and then finding out otherwise.

  3. What’s black and crisp and lies on the kitchen floor? The electrician who didn’t turn off the mains and wasn’t wearing really really thick thongs. (That’s “flip-flops” for you Englanders). The walls look fantastic and the sink will feel at home. That little concrete frame is really clever!

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