Day 3


Day 3 was cut short after our lone builder fell off the scaffolding mid-morning. You can see from the photos that it isn’t very high so he didn’t fall far, but he did twist his leg as he landed. He carried on working, but after returning from his lunch break he told us that he was going to finish up and go to the doctor – his leg was pretty badly swollen and he was having trouble bending his knee. He came back to finish rendering the collar and clean up all the cementy stuff – we told him the collar could wait and offered to help with the clean up which he refused, although he did let David help carry some bits out to his car. Lone builder had spoken to head builder Abilio to let him know what was going on, so we’ll wait to see what happens tomorrow – lone builder seems to be the stonework expert (he worked on the interior of the house three years ago too) so we might have a delay while he recovers. We’ve waited long enough to get this work done, a bit longer won’t matter.




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  1. Just looking at the scaffolding makes me cringe. Our Health & Safety would have Abilio’s head on lots of counts, but I guess that’s how you can afford to have these jobs done in Portugal! Ditto respects to Lone Builder.

    • To be fair, Lone Builder is as much to blame as Abilio. There are plenty of other platform pieces in a pile that could be used, but even after falling off the broken one, Lone Builder didn’t bother to replace it with an unbroken one. And the ones that aren’t broken aren’t locked together properly, just balanced on top of each other.

      Two other builders came this morning to carry on the work. David explained what happened yesterday and pointed out the broken platform. They are still using it and it is still balanced precariously on top of another one. Abilio should replace the broken bit, but at some point people have to take responsibility for their own health & safety!

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