Mad dogs and nobody…


…go out in the midday sun. Noël Coward got it wrong. There’s no sound of human activity outside at all. No tractors, strimmers, mopeds or kiddies playing. The sound of the hot breeze in the tired looking walnut tree leaves is it. The air is clear and after scanning the horizon for any ominous plumes of smoke, eyes pause for a moment on the ever present wind turbines swooshing lazily without a care. Lazy but still enough to be powering our fan with renewable energy. This is pleasing. Remove sunglasses and the light is blinding and white. It is recommended to keep sunglasses on.

36ºC and guess who wants to sit outside in the sun? Our mad little Juta.




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  1. Sunglasses are so important! I am someone who feels more comfortable wearing them than not, in this sort of brightness But having had a skin cancer removed last year, my dermatologist stressed that the eyes are one of the most vulnerable sites

  2. Of course, Noel Coward was talking about mad dogs and Englishmen. Had there been any Englishmen in the vicinity, you wouldn’t have been surprised to see them outside doing something; probably leaving, come to think of it.

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