Day 6



We waited until this morning to take the photo, hence day 6. The work was actually done on day 5 though – apparently it is very important that I make that clear.

The door way doesn’t look as obvious as we had feared which is great. The interior wall has been plastered and the electricity, water & waste reinstated for the washing machine, we just need the electrician to come some time next week to do the wiring for the new power points we are having above the bench top. Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing? Why we didn’t put power points there when the kitchen was being built, I don’t know.

We’ve had our bottom step extended too, for two reasons. Firstly, it will be nice to have some pots of something colourful and, as you can see from the photo, the lane slopes quite a bit making the placing of pots a bit of a balancing act involving little wedges of rock and reminders NOT TO TOUCH once it was stable. The extension gives us a flat stone shelf either side for pots but is also there for a second reason – to make the fact that we have a step a bit more bloody obvious so that people (naming no names, Albertino’s friend) don’t bash into it twice with their van, knocking the corners off. He did a very neat repair even before we knew the step had been damaged but it would be nice not to have it bashed again. Hopefully something bigger, with pots on it, will be enough. Of course, now that we have our nice new stone extension the original steps look awful, so they are being replaced as well. We got a wry ‘thought so’ smile from Abilio (head builder chappy) when we asked him to do that.

They’ll be back on Tuesday to do the back and then paint the bits we can’t easily reach. Which Abilio had forgotten about, which is why the scaffolding was taken down before the painting was done even though we had discussed him doing the painting of the high bits while the scaffolding was up. Hey ho.



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  1. It’s looking just SO beautiful! What a transformation. The pots will look lovely there. I always love pots near the door, it looks so welcoming! I look forward to our front porch being cleared of all the renovation stuff and popping our pots back out too. 🙂


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