Day 4



Scaffolding down (until they paint the collar)! The old door way/alcove wall was taken out, together with the lovely big stones that made the door frame. They would have made nice benches or something, but I’m not sure how easily they could have been removed without the use of a sledgehammer.

At first glance, the stone in the door way is much too dark to blend in with the rest of the house. The builders used stone from a tumbledown wall in our olive grove (consisting of 4 trees) but of course that has been weathered while the stone of the house has been covered in render for many years. The photo makes it look even darker as the stones & cement were all wet when it was taken. I suspect we will end up with a rather obvious door-shaped area of stone but the alternative was a rather obvious door-shaped area of render. Hopefully we’ll be around long enough for all the stone to weather and age until it matches!

And our kitchen wall, between having the door frame removed and the gap being bricked/stoned up again – is this what is meant by a mud house?!



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