Day 3



Day 3 in the Big Brother household……

All the re-pointing done on the front and most of the side.

Tomorrow is going to be fun. That grey patch you can see to the left of the front door was another door way that we had bricked up to form an alcove in the kitchen. But the bricked wall was too thin, we get a lot of rain hitting this side of the house in winter and so got a lot of mould forming on the inner wall of the alcove – lovely. Tomorrow they will knock out all the bricks, grind back the stone door frame and redo the wall to the same depth as the rest of the house. We’ll lose the alcove but we’ve found it isn’t very useful anyway – it houses cookbooks I can barely reach above the bench top and, below, makes it almost impossible to unplug the washing machine when we need to. No alcove/no mould sounds like a better option.


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