Day 2



Yesterday’s Day 1 photo was taken at 10am. The builders arrived at 8am, unloaded all the materials, put up the scaffolding and had removed much of the lime plaster from the front of the house by then. By the time they went home at 7pm, they had tackled the bulk of the harder-to-remove cement and got around the side of the building. An 11 hour day in 34°C is pretty impressive.

Today was spent doing a more detailed cleaning of the stone, rendering the run of terracotta blocks around the top of the wall (called a collar or something? Don’t know, I’m not a builder) and having a snooze under the fig tree during their lunch break. It’s great seeing all the different shapes & sizes of stones being revealed. There is a large square-ish block underneath each window, who knows why?


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  1. Yes, impressive indeed, that they worked such a long day in that heat. Just as hot here and all I want to do is sit in the cool of my house and read. The house looks lovely!

  2. Believe it or not, we had similar temperatures here yesterday. 32 degrees in the shade at 7.15 in the evening. Needless to say, we weren’t toiling away for 11 hours. The house is looking wonderful already.

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