Mint tea with dog pee


Don’t fancy it? Neither do we, so the decision was taken to build a raised herb garden. Design criteria: a) garden level must be above cocked-leg pee height of a medium-sized boy dog called Gill aka Ginger Pud; b) well that was it.

This plan has been kicking around for some time. We had always intended to build it at some convenient point after completing the dog kennel, it’s just that the convenient point seemed to be more than a year later. We could have simply put the herbs outside the DMZ (Dog Mess Zone), but we wanted the herbs near the back door in the hope the strong aromas would discourage flies loitering with intent under the porch and also the closer to the back door, the more convenient.


Not quite The Great Wall(s) of China, but took roughly the same time to build.


Finally! Job done, wall walled and plants planted. All the little triangle stones I had disregarded previously turned out to be a nice little 11th hour decision to cap the wall. All except for the 4 horizontal-ish small to medium sized bottom perches. Perfect for sipping a beer in the evening with the pleasant waft of herbs.



Mint tea anyone?




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  1. Very beautiful as well as practical. My complements to the stonemason. What is the little stone house at the end?

  2. The herb garden looks fantastic, well done to your stonemason/gardener, who appears to be very camera shy. Yet appears to be sitting down on the job in the last photo….

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