Job done


We must feel pretty attached to Portugal. This is the first house where we have finished painting the interior! It doesn’t matter that this house has only four rooms total (not four bed rooms) and may not have been as challenging as previous houses, there are no size or difficulty categories in this imaginary chart, so it’s a job done. A momentous victory over indifference to decorating; something to be proud of. And of course celebrate with a beer.



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  1. Well done. My boss recently convinced me to take a day off work to help her paint her kitchen cupboards. Of course it was a heat wave, we only had 3 screwdrivers and none fit the cupboard screws, she bought cheap plastic drop-sheets that blew onto the wet paint and I hate painting. A mental health day ended up being a mental health nightmare.

    • I have some real painter’s drop sheets, courtesy of Jan’s Dad. They don’t make any difference to the result. I love it that you, David and Sarah, are “indifferent to decorating”. Jan is waiting patiently for me to paint the ceiling patches where the lights used to be. Your walls look great. Now for the annexe eh?
      PS don’t they make the total rooms = 6? (not counting the tile-roofed, stone dog house or the barn)

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