Pushing the Bike


Feeling inspired for a bit of a review of recent doings. The following few posts will be things done over this last summer, or possibly just a collection of random photos that you’ve never seen before. The adventure continues, just not necessarily in logical order!

A bike “ride”. So steep I could barely get my footing pushing the trusty/crusty old bike up a local ridge. Sitting down for a rest here, but decided to move on when I discovered two ticks wandering up my jeans leg.



Looking back at what I’ve just conquered and feeling like a legend-ette. Was on the bike for only 5% of that climb.


A flat bit. Another breather and time to take in our wonderful wind turbines. While many countries debate renewable energy and think about doing; Portugal thought and has done. Last year wind power generated 55% of the country’s needs. Combined with other renewable resources, the total was 70%. Spin on that! And generate while you’re at it.


Downhill now and riding v pushing ratio dramatically improving! This hillside is covered in herbs. Ever been on a bike ride where you smell pizza and curry but there isn’t a takeaway for miles? Made it home with skull intact, but yet another puncture. Much as it pains me to spend money on my bike, I might have to buy new tyres and tubes. They’re getting a bit thin. Apart from the pox of patches, it’s all original and I bought the bike in 1998.




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  1. I have not tried this but one of the chaps at work recommends chopping the side off an old tire and putting in the new as a good way of making it puncture proof. I find riding on the road a better option. Mountain bikes is as much fun as drinking tea with a fork to me.

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