Nature has a laugh


All that preparation and daily love and attention for our vegetables has not produced a plant anything like this one. A butternut squash that seems to be on a mission to dominate the “flower garden” we planted near the house. We did not plant this beast and have no idea how it came to be!

We can’t really complain can we? It has flowers and will provide food. Problem is it’s inside Dog Zone, so if the fruit survive being used as a mock opponent by Juta, which I saw her doing this morning, ducking and diving like a boxer and they don’t taste like Gil’s urine we’ll be very happy.




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  1. Not knowing whether it more correct to say “squash” or “pumpkin” I just spent half an hour or so reading about the origins of the vegetable and its name. I wish I hadn’t. I’m just going to use the word that people around me understand. Can something be “more correct” hmm I must just look that up…

  2. haha! we have our veggie patch fenced off from our dogs as them making my veggies their toilet is my biggest fear! It looks like a ripper pumpkin! 🙂


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