Tribute to a tree



On Saturday morning we paid tribute to our orange tree as we drank our last glasses of fresh juice for this year*. As well as fresh juice every day since the middle of January, we have frozen juice (a rather large number of oranges came down in a storm), two big batches of marmalade, shade, a wonderful fragrance from the orange blossom, a home for nesting birds and oxygen. What wonderful things trees are.



*Just like an ageing rock band, it turns out Saturday wasn’t really the farewell tour. As we sat on the bench on Saturday afternoon I spotted two oranges that David had missed. And then a third fell from the tree overnight. So our last glasses of juice were actually drunk on Sunday. But, just like an ageing rock band returning to the stage because they are a bit short of dosh post ‘retirement’, it wasn’t quite as good so we are still counting Saturday as the grand farewell.




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  1. Dear Sarah and David,

    Great indeed getting your weekly digest on your Portuguese adventure which, admitted, after months only made me read quite some stuff on your blog.

    It is really fascinating reading how practical sustainability can be done. This is very much about implementation which we need so urgently. Hence, let me very cordially thank you for this stimulating, funny new blog. Yes, I will likely not be the last envying you a bit for that location and life. Keep on going and communicating!

    All the best for you, sending cordial regards to you in Portugal,

    from the friend Sarah knows longest in her life as we realised when you visited me already 2.5 years ago in Dessau:

    Kai (and Bettina)

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