Scrap pack furniture


The other day when en route to do some job or other, I noticed some pieces of wood left over from some other job, so I thought what an excellent opportunity to do another job and use some leftovers. This fits my ethos of reuse, recycle and procrastinate.

We’ve never liked harsh lighting, anything over about 25 watts is an interrogation light as far as we are concerned. This policy of screw the old people who can’t see what they’re eating whenever they visit has recently become a problem for Sarah as she is now quite handy with a sewing machine, knitting, cross-stitch and other tasks that require light in the evening or cloudy day. So, as you do when you wander past some bits of timber with the tool kit just conveniently sitting there (because I forgot to put it away), I thought, ping! Of course, a floor standing task light.

Found that old light fitting with the inline switch (I say that as if I remember what it came from originally), bashed a few bits of wood together, shoved a plastic pot over the bulb as a light shade, attached it to the wood with some stiff wire (rust included) so it can be set at the correct angle and there you have it, not quite elegant Swedish minimalism – a task lamp. I do believe it has the old school equivalent of a whole 75 watts! Call it a prototype and don’t watch this space as the real one might be in several years time.



Apparently we have old British imperial pillows despite going metric in 1372 or thereabouts and still refusing to talk about litres/100 kms because mpg is more “fun” to convert from the tank full of litres you’ve just bought, but Portugal has modern metric and standardised pillows. So when you buy new bedding, the pillows are too big for the pillow cases. This looks ridiculous and means you are only allowed to dribble on one end of the pillow!

Refusing to be beaten by this silly incompatibility and not wishing to discard perfectly good pillows, Sarah unleashed the sewing machine. Despite our use of the ‘leave the dishes to dry rather than wet a tea towel’ method, we seem to have an abundance of tea towels. Complimentary colours were chosen and stripy tea towels became a design feature of our pillow cases. Pillow cases which fit our good old imperial pillows. We might go metric pillow in a few years. But only after a scare-mongering anti metric pillow campaign followed by a referendum.

Love these pillow cases. Sleeping is so much better than drying the dishes.



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  1. Am extremely impressed with your collective creativity.
    Could the flower pot melt ?
    When turning at night does one need to turn the pillow as well ?

    • No melting pot issues! There are drainage/aeration holes on the back. Also we are using an eco bulb which produces very little heat. Incandescent bulbs show their age and inefficiency by producing all that wasted energy in the form of skin-melting heat. Like wooden wheels, they were good for a while.

    • Same budget as Blakes 7 only they would have used a can of silver spray paint to make it look more “spacey”. Sorry to drop the apostrophe in Blakes, but that’s how it was on the original logo! Did I hear a geek alarm?

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