Old door, new gate


Continuing  the theme of new things from old junk, I recently made a gate to keep the dogs out of the wood store next to the house. We can use this area to leave things without fear of them being ripped to shreds while we are out. A recent loss, pre gate, was the foil and plastic car windscreen sun shade that we foolishly left in a box on the ground. It is now a multi-directional sun refractor.

The entrance to the wood store already had some rusty old hinges mounted on wall and we had a door left by the previous owners, just sitting in barn rotting away. The door is narrow and fitted the gap perfectly. I sawed off the rotten bit, got the drill and screwdriver out and the job was under way. I’ve discovered I love making things from junk we kept – just in case. Feels like I’ve beaten the man. Whoever he is.

So the design brief:

1) Keep dogs out of wood and other stuff store (a known requirement);

2) Allow good airflow for the gas tanks (a remembered requirement whilst drilling with an electric tool and noticing the two gas tanks in the corner);

3) Allow easily navigable space for masonry bees living in the wood store walls (a post plan requirement as I started noticing bees buzzing and sounding annoyed at the new obstacle).


The inner Sami returned to assist me with the gate handles. These were small pieces of firewood that I kept aside some time ago because they looked to good to burn. The inside of the gate has a sliding bolt made from the remains of a broom handle. Remains of a broom handle? Not the dogs this time, but the result of a heavy handed clot sweeping as if he was wielding a broadsword. I didn’t beat the man that time.

As the wood and other stuff store is lower than the garden level and you have to reach up the the handle, there are two possible places to grab. See, tall people thinking about you shorties out there. Now let’s see the favour reciprocated with (non-wheel chair) ATM screens, public toilet mirrors, kitchen benches, car A pillars, shop displays etc. I know I’m getting off topic, but as I’m having a moan, can we have bigger Euro-cent coins please?

Sliding bolt combined with gate handle and happy bee navigation through hand access gap. Bee conveniently arrived to prove it!




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  1. Yes – that’s a winner. I’d never heard of Masonry Bees. Apparently they are solitary but live close together to trick us into thinking they aren’t. Que? And they are harmless unless confined by a door that wasn’t there when they moved in…

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