Marmalade: Part 3




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  1. More jars of marmalade than there were oranges, now that’s impressive! Also impressive is the photo which allows you to actually taste the flavour. If I’d taken it, there would have been a number of filled jars, probably in order of size with the tallest on the left, with no thought to foreground or background, and with no resulting dribbling as a consequence.

  2. ED has it right. Impressive! However, either there are a few more steps between M2 and M3, or some people have been having me on for years about the complexities of the process. I’m thinking that will go well with a chunk of pan mixto.

  3. Some of us just worry about what sugars, or booze to add to the marmalade. Choosing which side of the tree to pick the fruit, well that is…

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