(Just over) A year ago


We had a complaint recently (the cheek!) that we weren’t keeping up with our blog and it appears that it has been three months since we were last here. Where did the time go? It’s not as if we haven’t been doing anything or have anything to tell you, so with apologies to Jenny for the delay, here we go.

Back in November, we celebrated our one year anniversary in this house. By celebrated, I mean forgot about it until a couple of days later, at which point we took some photos so we could do a ‘before and after’ blog post and then…didn’t. But we are doing it now! Hold on to your hats!

When we bought this house, certain members of our families were distinctly underwhelmed when they saw the photos. There were comments like ‘Oh…’ and ‘I can’t quite see what you are seeing’. Well, forgive us for saying so, but we told you so.

You may remember the kitchen – we knew it had to be the kitchen because there was already not one, but two cookers in it;



And now;




The garage which became our bedroom & bathroom;




And now;





And the main room, full of the previous owners’ junk treasures – it was the stone walls in this room that really sold the house for us;


And now;


We haven’t finished everything in the house – you may notice that the ceiling and one wall in the living room still hasn’t been painted (Dad painted the yellow wall more than a year ago!) and we have made small changes, particularly in the kitchen, even since these photos were taken, but we are pretty much there.

Outside is a different story. Looking at these photos, we are reminded of how much we (and willing family members) have done so far, but there is still so much to do. We have a plan in our heads (we even think it might be the same plan!) and it’s nice that when you start with such a blank slate, everything you do makes a noticeable difference.

Looking from the back door, when we first saw the house;



And now (ignore the weeds, it’s all a work in progress!);


Looking back at the house when we first saw it;


It got messier & messier;



And now;



We levelled a parking space next to our olive grove (it only has four olive trees which doesn’t really qualify as a ‘grove’ around here, but it’s good enough for us) and David rebuilt the wall. He got a lot of very complimentary comments from our neighbours and builder, it seems he has quite a knack with stone which has led to ideas for all kinds of projects.

IMG_6511 2

And the wall now;


We are really pleased with what we have done so far and excited about what there is still to do. It will take us a while, we like to do things at a slow and steady pace, but there is no hurry – we plan to be here for a while.


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  1. Really nice to see the before and after photos – plus the changes we can see since our visit in June – well done you two and look forward to seeing more photos in the future. By the way, happy new year! XXXX

  2. Despite our initial misgivings we just knew that your flair and enthusiasm would produce something wonderful. I can’t imagine what your talents are going to add in the future. David’s dry-stone walling technique would certainly make him popular in the Cotswolds and ‘oop in’t North’.

  3. That’s fantastic, you’ve done a great job, it’s looking really nice. Well done! Hope to see you again soon 🙂


  4. Wow – what a wonderful transformation! What a lot of hard work! And now what a wonderful home and garden. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  5. Hi Sarah, Hope you don’t mind me dropping in here (I have visited your blog before a while ago) but when I read on the DTE forum that you had left it, I (and others) were disappointed, and just want to see if you and David are okay? And I do love what you have done to your house, by the way 🙂
    Gina aka Georgiegirl

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