Stone Baked



Since Juta the little rescue dog was vaccinated, had her internal lady bits removed then deemed safe for release into the world, we’ve been exploring the local area with her. She’s finding a bit of confidence, but still leaps to avoid a scary looking snail or barks nervously at an old cardboard box in the garden. She was so weak to begin with, we can only assume she was shut in a barn for the early part of her life. Playing was alien to her, but she’s slowly getting the hang of it. Tennis ball, what’s that and why do you sound so excited when you throw it?

We had just been watching one of our West Wing DVD’s and in this episode the president handed his favourite carving knife, that had been handed down the generations of Bartlets, to Charlie his young personal assistant. It was a big moment. Inspired by this, I thought it was time to hand over Uller’s favourite rope and tennis ball. I gave a pompous presidential speech as I handed the items over. Although this was a big moment for me, I received a blank look. I’m familiar with blank looks form other ladies of this house. The rope has since been destroyed by hours of fun chasing and chewing but we’re still working on the tennis ball.

Recent days have been brutally hot so you pick the time for dog walks or any other outdoor activities very carefully. Jobs all on proof or at the printer, so this morning I was free to do an outside thing! Right, today I am going to change the side/parking light on the front right of the car in the shade before the huge ball of free energy moves around from the other side of the fig tree and turns me to dried fruit. Getting distracted from the main aim of the morning, I started by drilling a small hole in the bottom of one of the tail lights to drain the water which had mysteriously appeared inside the lens. The tail light lens is double glazed!? Can’t explain so moving on. I then removed the blown light from the front, but didn’t change it because the spares I have were the wrong size. Yay. Feeling semi-satisfied with my semi-achievement, I retreated inside. The sun was set to 11 so it was a good time to retreat behind the stone walls of our little sanctuary.

Juta is going to have to wait until after dinner before I venture out again.

The opening photo was our first “walkies”. The following is a photo summary of recent dog outings. As you can see, Portugal is made of stone, the houses are made of stone and there’s even a soup called “sopa da pedra” – stone soup. The land is being baked dry but there’s a certain beauty to the sharp and brittle plants. Juta is more interested in eating unripe figs and blackberries than admiring the surroundings!




Those long legs seem perfect for this environment. The way she glides over rocks is impressive. Stopping and waiting for me to remove a stick in the path is less so. Something to work on!





The long climb home again. When are we going to get there?



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  1. Juta is looking good. We assume sticks that needed removing are very scary sticks, so that’s understandable. We miss that landscape – lookout, we might come back. AD doesn’t miss the fiercely prickly fauna, although they are marginally better with flowers on.

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