Game of two halves


Our neighbours are such friendly and generous people. It’s all been going along nicely with them popping over or stopping as they pass to hand over a bag or two of home grown, picked and brewed goodies. Call the initial gifts a welcome to the village. If it was a match this is just the pre-season friendly. A warm up to test fitness and try combinations of those young players desperate for a spot.

Sarah has been creating wonderful things in the kitchen. Onion marmalade/relish, cinnamon plum jam and spicy chutneys to name a few. These are our opening shots in Portugal’s National League of Home Produced Stuff for the Neighbours. Really should work on that acronym. The Portuguese love anything with sugar, so a jar of this stuff is going to be a winning shot in the back of the net. One jar of onion marmalade delivered. Bam, you can’t come back from that! 1 – 0. Thank you and good night.


But that was just the first half. It appears sitting back and defending doesn’t work. The response was a bombardment of vegetables which made the score an embarrassing 6 – 1. Damn it. Next time we’ll get them.


The other day I saw a flatbed truck pulling up to deliver some 1000 litre water tanks to a neighbour. They aren’t that heavy, but can be a pain to move in a tight spot because they are cube-shaped and a bit bulky. I was already in gardening clothes, so let the lady of the preserves know what I was doing, grabbed my heavy duty gloves with the hole right on the soft fleshy bit between the thumb and forefinger and headed out the side gate to see if I could lend a hand. By the time I arrived, the tanks were already plonked in a random way like a handful of giant die tossed in a field opposite the neighbour’s house. Gate being closed “no help thank you, I will do it later”. “Hey you want some vegetables?”. Me, confused look, “Umm, sim obrigado!” Having done nothing I returned home, still with confused look on face and wondering how I was caught off guard, with two plastic bags full of vegetables that were picked fresh right in front of me. I think we just lost that one 6 – 0.

My contribution:


The response from team Portugal:


These guys play dirty, not sure we can win this…


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