Juta (Portuguese for jute, thanks to her rough, slightly stringy hair) was dumped at a local dog shelter recently and being looked after by friends of ours as she was being treated for worms and tick fever. The friends went on holiday and asked if we could take her for just a week. You know where this is going don’t you? It appears that we were the only people who thought we would be giving her back at the end of the week. We were certain – the garden isn’t fenced, we are going on holiday in a week and would need to find someone to look after her. We had every intention of getting another dog, we just weren’t organised yet. Other friends pointed out that these were just details – we can take her in to the garden on a lead, friends will take her while we are away. Good points. So she is staying.


She is very chilled for a 6-or-so month old puppy, likes her space and is very eager to please so learning the rules very quickly. She is also very affectionate and cuddly and always looking for reassurance that everything is OK. Which it is – it feels good to have a dog around the house again.



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  1. Juta in Latin apparently means “(he she or it) pleases” or “gratifies”; in Swahili it means “to regret”. I’m going with the Romans in this case (she doesn’t look remotely Swahilian). She has beautiful colouring. Welcome Juta!

  2. Lovely – although she looks a little like our Betty who turned out to be a pudengo, a Portuguese hunting dog! Hope to see you again soon. Jackie

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