Ant behaviour


We are quite fascinated by ants and have been known to spend a bit of time watching them, particularly when we (deliberately) drop a large crumb and then watch to see how far the ant can carry it and how it deals with the various garden obstacles in its way.

Today David dropped a blob of marmalade on the paving and an ant spent some time collecting tiny bits of stone and building a little wall around the edge of it. Then it found a slightly bigger piece, placed it on top of the blob and wandered off. Apologies for the photo, I slightly overestimated my camera’s macro abilities, but you may just be able to see the wall the ant is building.


We weren’t sure what the purpose of that was and will now never know – someone (naming no names) forgot it was there and trod on it. Poor ant – all that hard work for nothing.


2 responses »

  1. Maybe the ant thought the blob had been sent from ant heaven by Formicida, the great ant goddess of sweet spreads. The ants probably think that if they build a shrine, more manna will come; a kind of ant cargo cult. On the other hand, if someone suggests the ant is smart enough to squeeze the blob into smaller, more manageable blobs, by building a little stone extruding device, I’m going to get worried.

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