Lazy Sunday


Remember the quagmire that our garden was just a few weeks ago?


No more! We were right about there being a narrow window between quagmire and rock-hard-with-cracks and the last week was it, at least until it rains again. Which could be next week or could be October. We do have a lovely area to sit outside now though.


And yes, that is me working. David has a very tight deadline at the moment so it is all hands to the pump and I’ve been playing around with spreadsheets and graphs. Working is so much more fun when your office is outside – beautiful sunshine, fresh air, the rustic scent of manure being spread on nearby quintals.

The deadline meant a few late nights last week so we decided to have a lazy day on Sunday. We started with our traditional Sunday brunch, cooked by David (yay!) and eaten outside.


Then we were entertained by an accordion group who had set up in front of the chapel at the bottom of our garden to provide encouragement for participants in the 12km Trail Terras de Ansião cross-country run which passed through our village. The music was excellent and the runners loved it – several danced their way through the village or stopped to have their photo taken with the group.



David serviced his bike and took himself off for a ride while I pottered, read, sat in the garden, read, sat in the garden……

We’ve had a couple of visitors recently – great to see them back as we thought they might have been scared off by the builders. Our neighbour Idilina thinks they are poisonous and, when we saw one while viewing the place last year, offered to beat it to death with a broom for us. Needless to say, we are not going to mention that the geckos and lizards are back.

Moorish Wall Gecko (also known as European Common Gecko which is a very boring name)


Lizard. Yes, the photo is terrible and yes, I have vacuumed the floor since taking it. We went out shortly after seeing the lizard in the bathroom and, when we got back, found him floating in the toilet. David scooped him out and put him outside and he didn’t seem to be any the worse for wear.


The old girl (that is Uller, not me, no matter what David tells you) is ticking along OK. Both eyes are clouding over now so she needs a bit more help getting around, especially when we put bloody great bits of furniture in the middle of the garden. She only goes out when she absolutely has to now and is most often found ‘resting her eyes’.


Time for bed now but I’ll be back tomorrow with a garden update.


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  1. That looks very civilised indeed! Live music at the bottom of the garden – much better than having faeries. Choice geckos and lizard. Do you think it was an amphibious lizard or just holding its breath? Pats for Uller.

  2. Hello Sara and David,
    Thank you for the news about you and your garden, in Portugal the summer is nearly there, here it looks like spring is coming.
    We always love to hear from you and we are also curious about your new dog.
    We hope to se you again in the future.

    Greatings Ans and Ferry

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