Not from around here


The other day we had some thresholds fitted in an attempt to stop Atlantic-forced horizontal rain blasting under the doors. Come the slightly warmer weather when it’s doors open all day with warm breeze and bugs blowing in, we liked the idea of walking across our earth coloured tiles, over a rough stone threshold out to the stone path and into the garden. Bear in mind the sun has such strength here that the thermometer only needs to read 15ºC (in the shade) and everything is opened-up to let the breeze in and get the damp out of the house. We then prance about like crazy Canadians in 5ºC after 6 months of snow. A clean walk through from inside to out (and vice-versa) without the need to step over something was the ideal. But having to lean a heavy old metal door and a rotting wooden shutter against one of the new back doors before a storm was becoming slightly tedious – not to mention unsafe if we needed to exit in a hurry. So, boring practicality wins over romanticism in this case.

You know when you order something from a shop and the item has your name, location, order number, plus telephone or all of the above printed on the box to identify you? Well we presume not wanting a gaping sluice-gate under the door is very unusual or the cabinetmakers who we ordered the thresholds from don’t have many non-Portuguese customers…



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