Little Country, Big Views


In such a mountainous place, there’s always a tempting rocky track to drive, walk or scramble up. The rewards are often spectacular. Sometimes bleak, always windy! So bring your wooly hat and enjoy some of the views from the Ansião area.

Did I mention rocks? Serra da Sicó. From here you have a great impression of the coastal side of central Portugal. To the north the ridges beyond university city Coimbra, to the east Serra da Lousã, to the west the Atlantic (no doubt with some crazy mega-wave-surfer trying to beat a record) and south you can see the familiar wooded headland that contains the palace of Sintra roughly 200kms away.

Did I mention wind?

Rock farming in the valley. Our house is somewhere off to the right.

In the foreground a Roman villa, the village of Rabaçal (=cheese) and in the distance Serra da Lousã running into the 2km high Serra da Estrela (=snow).

A wind-break. Made from rocks.

And a special treat – no wind, no rocks.


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  1. I see Portugal, like South Australia have installed the large outdoor fans for the hot weather. And we’ve had some seriously hot weather of late.

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