Many Hands


…and many parents! Yes it’s been three months since we moved in and we’ve had three sets of parents, in one door and out the other. Those three doors have come in handy! Hosting guests at the same time as moving to a new house in a foreign land might seem foolhardy and it would be a lie to say we aren’t just a little tired now.

It’s been great to catch up though and what we have really appreciated is having eager helpers to help make light-er work around the house. Traditionally we move into a house, plan to do stuff – stuff like put up a picture or two, and before we know it years have past and the pictures never made it out of the box then we’ve moved to another house. Repeat. So this time no moving in and getting cosy in front of the fire. Well, there’s cosy in front of the fire, but there’s also been a lot of doing!

The ladies enjoying the sunshine whilst moving rubble with a rotten old shutter. A wheelbarrow was bought shortly after this.

Some painting done (looks lovely in the evening but perhaps a bit scary in the sun, so might tone it down a bit), new curtains and look even a picture – of sorts.

Giant Mecanno shelving. I’m of the Lego generation, so was kept away from this job. Probably best all around really. I probably would have slashed my knuckles and bled everywhere.

Wood burner oven conquered and wonderful things emerge regularly.

Not strictly house, but was manufactured on site. Yes, it’s the new “man-bag”. What with personal and car ID needed to be carried, plus the other usual paraphernalia, it was finally time to go metrosexual. I designed it and Mum Manufacturing Inc. made it real! If it wasn’t for an eleventh-hour pardon, a pair of my brother’s corduroys would have been sacrificed in the making.

A domesticated Dad. Quite a sad sight in captivity, but if you let them go feral they eat everything and risk being shot by hunters.

Some raised beds made from leftover roofing for the future fruit and veg. section. Apparently these have become a trendy thing in Australia. Maybe we’ll export them!


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  1. Well, it’s nice to see the raised beds standing in sunshine. As I recall, most of the time when I was there, the sun wasn’t. (See photo of me sheltering in barn). It’s a beautiful, interesting place. I look forward to seeing those beds full of veg.

  2. Are you sure those raiaed beds are left overs and not robbed from the roof, is there not a suspiciously large hole in the roof in the background.

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