We’re in!


A quick update to let you know that we moved into our house last week. We don’t have electricity yet – officially. Unofficially….well, the less said about that the better! We are gradually getting ourselves organised, one box at a time and once the builders have finished work on the annexe and we have somewhere to put our ‘spare’ furniture, it will all come together nicely.

We also had the right wood burner delivered early in the week which is great, especially since we’ve found some decent seasoned firewood which makes all the difference when it comes to getting the fire lit. My parents have been here helping us move – our days have been spent unpacking and our evenings have been spent falling asleep relaxing in front of the fire. We did manage a few hours of actual holiday for them with a visit to a local river beach and aldeia do xisto (old village of stone-built cottages) yesterday, but mostly it has been a working holiday for them.

We have limited internet access at the moment which has to be preserved for important work-related activities and more visitors on the horizon so might go quiet again for a while, but we’ll be back (said in my best Arnie voice, which admittedly isn’t very good).


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  1. Olá Sarah e David, boa noite!
    Espero que estejam bem. Gostei de saber as últimas notícias! Também gostei de conhecer o teu pai. Espero que os teus pais façam boa viagem de regresso a Inglaterra.
    Um excelente fim de semana.

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