Day Something or Other


Too tired to count, so you’ll have to do it! The radio silence has been due to lack of time rather than the internet string up to our village being broken.

The inside of the house is pretty well finished (an incredible feat by our builder and his team) all bar a couple of detail items, also the gutters are being fitted next week which should help keep the rain off the doors and leaky old window frames.

It’s all been a bit bonkers, since our furniture arrived three days earlier than scheduled (when we found out, cheered with excitement but then with all that was going on at the house, we wondered if that was the right emotion); the outlaws arrived from the UK to help unpack on the day the furniture was meant to arrive; the electricity was going to be connected, but then not, so the outlaws target destination was changed to rented house; the wood-burner and only source of heating arrived but it was the wrong one, so we are now waiting for the right one. In some ways, this is a good thing as we are now madly painting the wall behind where the wood-burner will sit. Apparently Portuguese wood-burners (salamandras) sit very close to the wall which means painting is almost impossible once in place. Imagine the warm cosy feeling of sitting in front of the fire with a hot chocolate in your hand, a warm lady at your side (possibly in the other hand), a snorey old dog at your feet and then you see it. That rectangle of grey wall where the brush will not go.

After the usual Aussie extravagance of three unnecessary bedrooms – just because we could, then downsizing in the UK to two bedrooms and a useful loft, we are now wondering where all our chairs are going to go. How did we end up with so many chairs? If they were Eames classics I could understand, but no, just a hotchpotch of chairs collected here and there.

Remember those photos of old Portuguese junk in the house. Well, we’ve replaced it with ours…


Supervisor asleep on the job



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