Day 42


I have skill in some areas, but apparently addition is not one of them. I have been informed by The One Who Counts, that it wasn’t Day 33 the other day, so to conform with reality it is now day 42.

Today was a game of two halves. In the morning there was a solitary tradesman at the house tinkering away making adjustments to the paving at the back of the house to ensure water runs towards the new drain and tidying grouting in the living room. Unless the generator is running for a power tool, sometimes when you approach the house there is the glorious sound of old-school industry going on. “Tap-tap-tap, scrape-scrape, tap-tap”. A sort of cross between a sculptor’s studio and a Roman quarry. We’ve never heard the familiar infernal “Obnoxious FM” with all of your favourite ads, the chance to win cash, and a playlist of 5 whole songs! All day, every day!!

After a visit to the paint shop, mandatory coffee and sweet thing in a café, then goat’s cheese on a baguette in the park (as well as congratulating myself for remembering to take my pocket knife in case we were out at lunchtime and needed to slice or spread using something other than my thumb), we returned to the house. Wow! People everywhere. Vans everywhere. It was like a Mister Men best of! Boss Man, Paving Man, Kitchen Man, Door Man and the new age multi-tasking man – Gas/Electricity/Plumbing Man. This was all very exciting but we did feel slightly in the way. This was until Boss Man gave us a job. Nothing really challenging, but we had to go and buy two new outdoor lights. Because Portugal is southern European, you might be thinking it’s the kind of place that’s indifferent to rules. The sort of place that allows you to do pretty well what you like as long as nobody gets hurt. In many ways it is remarkably and refreshingly relaxed, but electricity is one of the things in the rules-to-be-obeyed category. The lights we bought did not have the EU “IP” rating which is for outdoor lights exposed to rain. No IP rated lights, no sign-off from Electricity Man and connection to mains electricity “não é possível”!

When we returned from our unscheduled dash to another shop, calm was restored and the Mister Men house was winding down for the evening. The lights will have to wait until tomorrow.

Even a cement-covered wheelbarrow looks attractive in this light.


At this time of the of the day, the sun can actually get past those castle-like walls. Oh look a sink!



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  1. I can’t remember ever having had a negative thing to say about your photography; however, I submit that only people completely besotted by their Portuguese dream coming true before their very eyes, could find beauty in a concreter’s wheelbarrow. (Lovely sink though…) Jealously yours, Aussie Dad.

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