Day 33


All those who have been holding their breath hoping to see a photo of a tile, as promised, here it is!


In fact loads of tiles! All covered in dust and no grouting at this stage, but the whole floor has been done. Although not obvious it this particular photo, nice square tiles highlight the amusing lack of square edges throughout the house. Even covered in dust, the earthy colour of the tiles seems like the right choice for this casa rústica. The shop we bought the tiles from had a particularly unrealistic display with vertically mounted tiles right under a non-domestic type fluorescent light. Hard to image an entire floor covered when that’s the display! I held my wallet over the light which made the tiles darker, but at least the colour was more realistic.


This was a particularly exciting visit to the house because we now have windows incase we want to keep out the wind that blasts off the Atlantic; a chimney for the wood burner so we can be warm and most importantly; a septic tank because whatever the weather, going to the toilet is quite important.


Not sure if it’s just a boy thing, but I want to drive that digger! Not to do useful things, no I’m talking about smashing shop windows or doing 360º spins to take out waves of attacking zombies.



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  1. Dear David and Sarah, Liz sent me your site… proud mum…your house and project sound fantastic.Love the tiles.David ,I still think of you as a 4 year old in Pt Moresby playing with the play mat I made you. A long time ago..look forward to seeing the house finished, Regards Chris Rushall

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