Sunday Stroll: Around Mosteiro


Now that water is pouring out of the sky and the air temperature is three DEFCONs below Brain-Boil, it’s back to having a Sunday stroll. When I say stroll, for me, this usually means walk for a bit, see something interesting, stop and enjoy it, compose and take a photo, then run to catch everyone else who have disappeared into the forest. After running for a while, I will then stop at fork in track, stand for a moment while I regain my breath, ponder if people are following the marked walk or have decided to take the other track because someone knows there’s a nice waterfall down there. To help me decide which way, my brain will move on to Craig Thomas’s Firefox with its thought-controlled weapons system and wonder if I thought in Russian, would I know which way to go. Thought-controlled weapon’s system? What if you thought about boobs; in Russian? Returning to the task in hand, I will then stress for approximately 2 seconds, consider the trouble I’m going to be in if a certain someone has to wait at the car for an hour until I emerge from the forest like a dazed wild animal, then I’ll see an interesting old wall. Ooh, look…





One horsepower delivery vehicle. Motor removed for servicing.



A shaduf. Ancient counterweighted irrigation method. Origins: Egypt, China?



Beer mains?


A tiled Peugeot bonnet. Only available in the Portuguese market…





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