The end of summer?



Just five days ago, it was 37° – not unusual for this summer. We’ve averaged over 30° for the last three months and have seen virtually no rain since the middle of June.

But in the last couple of days, autumn has…what does autumn do? Spring has sprung, autumn has…fallen? No idea, but it seems to have happened. Today didn’t get above 20° and was cloudy & damp, following a storm and rain – actual rain – last night. The forecast is for more over the next few days. But fair enough, it is late September after all!

Much as we love the sun and the heat, it has been really nice to see some rain – you actually appreciate it when you haven’t seen any for a while. Everything looks cleaner and the colours are brighter after having all the dust washed away. Everything smells wonderful too – it must be damp eucalyptus as it reminds me of Australia.


Everything is still going well with the house and the builder hopes to be finished in 3 weeks. Whether the electricity will be connected by then is another question, but it shouldn’t be too long after that. Fingers crossed!


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  1. We noticed on this evening’s weather forecast a very large blob of cloud over Portugal. I’m pleased to say that our fine weather is still continuing and every good day will make winter seem a little shorter. Of course, you wouldn’t consider it warm. I doubt it reached 20 today but the sun was out.

  2. Greetings out there in blog land. I see, lvmx, you have added “Great news” to your name. Have you had an epiphany? Continuing the weather theme, we had two fantastic days for drying washing (a subject dear to my heart) then drove to Wagga (5 hours) to deliver some stuff. That day we had what is euphemistically referred to in climate land as a “change”. Head winds all the way gusting to 80Kph; fuel consumption increased 25% (we were towing a heavy trailer). Yuck. Next day, all sweetness and light again. Astonishingly, our new Government has said that they accept the science of climate change. This is very different from our new PM a few months ago describing climate science as … well, something from the crude vernacular. And, of course, accepting it doesn’t mean they are going to do anything about it. After all, we are now a country with a Sports Minister but no Minister for Science. Back in Portugal, you might be needing that salamandra from day 1!

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