Day 13



We knew the house would have to look worse before it looked better but it is still a bit of a shock to see holes bashed through our lovely stone walls. Of course, if you need to install electricity and wire the house, what is the easiest way to do it? Bash a hole in the wall! Need to put the plumbing in? Bash a hole in the wall! Need to connect to an external gas bottle? Bash a hole in the wall! Need to…? You get the picture. The advantage of stone is that it is relatively easy to repair the hole again afterwards.




Please note that the last photo had nothing to do with getting a picture of the electrician/plumber/gas man’s backside – I was trying to get a photo of the beautiful green of the welding flame. It didn’t work, so we’ll just have to make do with the backside.

Note the rather complicated-looking fuse box of our very small, pretty simple house;


Goodness knows what the wiring looks like in houses that have built-in sound systems, fancy lighting etc!

Our new bedroom window with its lovely stone surround. You can’t see it in this photo, but there is an old hinge still attached to the upright on the left-hand side, which naturally we want to keep. Along with the old bits of hinge still attached to the stone uprights of the doorways between living room and kitchen, although I suspect David will end up doing himself an injury on those as he has a tendency to bump/brush past things if they are in his way – including bits of building that have been there for some time.


Remember that we own a little bit of land across the lane from the house? It has a fig tree, a walnut tree, a couple of olive trees, a couple of unidentified fruit trees, lots of rock, grass and brambles. We’re not sure what we will do with it*, but it has been suggested that we keep goats there, so it has been christened The Goat Pen. You get to it by climbing over a collapsed stone wall under the fig tree – here is the view looking back at the house;


Oh yes, it has a grape vine too!

And David picking some more figs – this is the tree in The Goat Pen. We have two more trees in the back garden but the fruit on those aren’t ripe yet. We only had a small harvest this time – just over 1.5kg of figs sitting in the fridge.


I feel a jammin’ session coming on!

*Reading through this again, it seems pretty obvious what we will do with it – we have an orchard!


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  1. I was surprised to see how steep is the cobbled road. Does your ceiling get higher or is the floor built up?The bloke’s rear didn’t do much for me but I was impressed with his practical approach to welding health and safety (ie) just get on with it and squint a bit so you are not blinded. Or might he be wearing sunnies? Maybe he’s just soldering, in which case the worst that can happen might be third degree burns. Nothing to worry about then.

  2. The road looks steeper in the photo than it feels when you are there, but that may be because of where we live at the moment (see photos in previous blog posts) – anything less than about 45° feels flat! The floor is built up from the front right – in fact, the front right corner is a big rock on which the walls have been built.

    I’m think he was welding, although it isn’t my area of expertise. The tool he was using was attached to a big tank which I assumed was the oxy-something-or-other that welders use. But maybe it has something to do with soldering too? As I said, not really my area of expertise, but now you come to mention it, welders usually wear full-face safety things, aprons and big gloves! Then again, builders attacking stone walls with sledgehammers might be expected to wear hard hats and goggles, but not here!

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