Day 3



Our builders started on Wednesday and have been pretty busy.

Our stone doorways are being raised to accommodate slightly taller people. This involves bashing down part of the wall between the living room and kitchen, which you might assume would require the use of some sort of protective equipment. Apparently not, unless Portuguese baseball caps meet current OH&S standards. We got there at 10am on Wednesday and David was hoping to take some close-up shots of the wall prior to it being restored (he’s into that sort of thing), but too late – it was already being taken down.


On Wednesday, we marked out the proposed bathroom with bricks on the floor of the garage – today, the walls had been built. It will be smaller than we had originally thought, but we are planning on small but perfectly formed. Oh, and they’ve knocked the doorway through a very thick stone wall between the kitchen and hall. Again, achieved by bashing with a sledgehammer and then jumping out of the way when the stone starts falling.



We also have a wall in our bedroom, rather than garage doors. And the kitchen door has been bricked up.


And because David is a geek and wanted to get another photo of a wall in, here is our new bedroom wall – nicely insulated so should keep us warm in winter and cool in summer.


If they keep going at this rate, we should be moving in in no time at all. Oh, and that first photo? Our first harvest from one of our fig trees. Yum.


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  1. Fig jam – yum.
    When we saw our house in the early stages of being built, it looked so small we actually got the plans and measured up to make sure it was all there. You will probably find there’s ample space for tooth brushes and towels in that bathroom. If it still seems small when finished, put a photo of Hans in there to remind you…

  2. A brief story about house size. When Dad and I were buying our first house off-plan we went to see the footprint when the slab had been laid. I said that it didn’t look as small as I had expected. Dad pointed out that it was the footprint of the pair (we were buying a semi-detached house), not just of our house! It all looks so much smaller at that stage and even when all the walls are up.
    Bob and friends certainly seem to be working well and fast. Great news.

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