Sunday Stroll: Down the Zêzere


Last Sunday’s walk (or over indulgent picnic with a very steep climb to work it off), was down to Ponte Filipina on the river Zêzere. Ponte (bridge) Filipina was built in the early 1600s to replace the timber bridge the Romans built. The bridge is now dramatically over-shadowed, literally, by the 150 metre high elegant concrete (yes those two words can go together) bridge that carries the IC8. We walked along the beautiful rocky gorge cut by the Zêzere, which is one of the longest Portuguese rivers and had our picnic under an olive tree.


For vicarious foodies, the picnic consisted of bread, the finest olive oil on the planet, home made spicy guacamole, crudités, crisps, home-brew elderflower cordial and a gooey chocolate marble cake. You’re going to ask where was the beer or wine. It was actually a bit too warm for alcohol. I was offered a beer by a guy as a thank you for taking a few pics of his family, but I declined as I wanted to be able to make it back up the gorge. A beer for three photos seems a generous ratio to me. Perhaps I should have asked if he had any more relatives.





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  1. Looks glorious,I may be compelled to send you pictures of Karijini gorges……..I don’t want to stand on the concrete bridge ,however elegant !!

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