Keeping cool


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It’s getting hot here – we topped 40° yesterday and are set to do the same again today.

The house that was so cold earlier in the year has really come into its own now. There is no air conditioning and we don’t have any fans, but we can keep the indoor temperature at around 26° for most of the day, which is perfectly pleasant. It takes a while for upstairs to cool down in the evening and we’ve found ourselves going to bed later and later as it is just too hot to go upstairs earlier. Going to bed at 2am and getting up late works when you don’t have anywhere you need to be the next day – one of the advantages of sort of life we have now.

Very little cooking going on – I roasted a big tray of vegetables early in the morning a couple of days ago and dinners have consisted of that, hummus, cheese, salad etc – anything that means I don’t have to use heat in the evening when the house is at its warmest. Unfortunately, we are running low so I’ve accepted I’m going to have to cook tonight. Something that involves putting things in a saucepan, running away from the kitchen and only coming back when it is time to serve up sounds about right.

The puppy seems to be coping OK, although she is not too keen on going outside during the day. We open the door, she has a sniff, looks at us as if to say ‘Are you kidding?’, turns around and goes back to lie on the cool tile floor. Can’t say I blame her. Opening the back door in the afternoon is like opening the door to an oven at the moment!

Oh, and we made red wine vinegar yesterday. The method is so simple;

* Buy a 5l box of red wine.
* Make it last for about 4 weeks (because you aren’t quite the boozers your friends and family think you are)
* Have a run of several days above 30°
* Try drinking red wine – ta dah! You’ve made red wine vinegar!

Note to selves – must drink more red wine in summer so it doesn’t go off.


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  1. Ha…just typing a message when this blog came for some Wimbledon.have got preserved lemons on the go…not hot enough for red wine vinegar.

  2. Those are my kind of temperatures. You need to be retired though, so as to have siestas in a shady room when required. Is there a swimming hole nearby?
    We resorted to a muddy bog-hole of a river once when the temp soared above 40C whilst we were camping. We didn’t even mind being nipped here and there by hungry yabbies. I suppose we could have caught a couple but the idea of eating a small crustacean that has been eating me is a bit disturbing.
    A cask lasted you so long?! Serves you right.

  3. Living in SA for so many years, and now it’s wine out of a cask, and the heat thing you should be right with that too.

  4. Have you thought of making and using a solar cooker so you don’t need to heat up the kitchen? The ones I have seen on the net seem to use a fair amount of baking foil but look fairly simple if you’ve got consistent sun as you have. People seem to do rice dishes and casseroles outside – it takes most of the day, but you end up with a cooked meal and no extra heating.

    • We have indeed thought of a solar cooker, although buying rather than making. Dani has a lot of info about them on her blog and the one she uses is Portuguese made and we can buy it in our local DIY chain. Funnily enough, we’ve only thought about getting one once we’ve moved into our new house but there’s no reason why we couldn’t do it sooner. It’s cooled down to low 30s now so the kitchen is much more comfortable, but I love the idea of cooking with free fuel!

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