We’ve had success with the pizza! Reading the dough instructions again, I don’t think it had enough of a rise when we had the Calzone Incident so the dough was a bit sticky – not good when you are trying to slide it from a board onto a baking tray. Of course, bread dough needs to rise somewhere warm – ha, bloody ha. It was 9° inside on the morning we made this, so I ended up putting the bowl on the hotplate that was cooling down after making soup for lunch. When we got home later that afternoon, we were welcomed by a lovely yeasty smell, which I decided must be a good sign. I floured everything to within an inch of its life and pizza transfer was relatively easy. Yippee! Obviously it’s not perfect yet, so weekly pizza making is still on the cards.

In other news….

We had our first visit to Coimbra, our nearest city and the third largest in Portugal. Not to check out its architecture or history, oh no. We went Shopping. You know, the sort of shopping that involves big shopping centres and queues and things. We wanted to buy supplies for yoghurt making and also get an idea of the cost of things – some of the properties we are looking at would require a new bathroom (to be fair, some just need a bathroom, new or otherwise) and we have no idea how much something like a toilet costs. As it turns out, anything from €70-300 depending on how trendy you want it to be. Given what it is used for, we are not too concerned about the cool factor and will be sticking to the lower end of the price range.

We had a few other firsts on our way to Coimbra – our first snake, our first prostitute and our first traffic jam!

The snake was sunning itself in the road but soon slithered away when we approached. About 1m long and very skinny. I’m looking forward to living somewhere where the snakes can’t kill you!

The prostitute was sitting on the side of the road in a frilly bra and negligee thing. She had a little van – we weren’t sure whether that was just transport to her boudoir or the actual boudoir itself. A tall man would have his legs sticking out of the back of the van, which could be a bit embarrassing.

The traffic jam was the first we have encountered since arriving in Portugal. In our area, you rarely have to wait for another vehicle at a junction, let alone queue. It reminded us of why we didn’t want to be living in the south east of England anymore.

The weather has turned and it is now hot. So hot in fact that I am going to have to finish and go inside before I fry the laptop. I’ll leave you with a photo I forgot to post last time – driving down the mountain one day last week, we were above the cloud. Very pretty.



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  1. E a rameira – was she also long and skinny? Very good looking pizza, by the way. On the way to Canberra we sometimes get a little vego pizza called Pissaladiere which is onion-based with garlic, olives and herbs. The original apparently has anchovies but you can leave them off. Happy house hunting!

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