Out and about


As mentioned before, we’ve been doing lots of exploring recently. There is some really spectacular countryside around us and we’ve been really enjoying getting out and seeing it. A quick mental calculation the other day however made us realise that we are spending about €10 a day on fuel to do all this galivanting about, so we’ll scale it back a bit, particularly now that our terrace is such a lovely place to sit! We have to remind ourselves that we’re not on holiday, so don’t have to try and see everything in a couple of weeks.

A few days ago, we went to Foz de Alge , a spot where the Rio Zezeré and the Riberia Alge meet – looks like a good place to launch a kayak! As seems to be the theme on our days out, we didn’t end up on the road we expected to, but the drive was all the better for it – the winding road through the river valley was beautiful.


And looking back at that spot from further up the mountain road..




We also went to Sao Jão do Something (I can’t remember what the sign said), a lookout along a dusty track off the road over our mountain. There is a small chapel and a large area which looks like it would seat many people gathering for a feast, presumably on the appropriate saint’s day (Sao Jão is St John – the Baptist maybe? Is there another St John? Who knows?). The whole thing is perched on the end of a rocky outcrop with some rather amazing views…



We also found another potential kayaking spot at Barragem do Cabril – barragem means dam and the lakes formed behind the dams are often used for water sports, fishing etc. The water levels are much higher than normal and there would usually be a beach here. It is a popular spot in summer so presumably the levels will be dropped a bit to allow room for the crowds.


And finally, one of our graceful wind turbines – you can drive along the ridge and visit all the turbines if you so desire but we decided that, close up, one turbine looks pretty much the same as the next.



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  1. That’s fine, rugged scenery. I like the wind generators – are they state-owned? Interesting difference between the flowing water and the dam. Should that be called Rio Laranja? Today, we are in Sydney where it is grey, cold and wet.

  2. grey ,cold wet 6hrs drive south too,however have been out photographing storm clouds at sunset ,
    beautiful now storm over.
    Please explain reddish water.

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