Cracking day, Gromit!


The weather has turned! From heavy rain, low cloud and cold just a few days ago to glorious sunshine and temperatures in the mid-20s now – lovely!

As our cottage is at about 430m altitude, we notice the low cloud – the view from our back door a few days ago –


And on Saturday –


Now that work is out of the way, we’ve been able to do a bit of exploring. We’ve found wonderful mountain drives, beautiful rivers and swimming spots and stunning lookouts, all within a few miles of home. But you’ll have to wait for the pictures – we need to get back to pick the dog up and take her to the vet for her check up.

We won’t have the internet installed tomorrow as originally planned, but hopefully it won’t be too long. We’ll be more organised for the next time we come to the library as well so we can show you where we live and where we’ve been – I’m sure you’re all dying to see!



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  1. It all looks amazing and we’re all sending a big hello from KFC UK!

    Glad you’re settling in well, sounds like you’re going to be fluent by the time we come to visit!

    Louise and I discussing the possibility of a visit later in the year, where we would need to fly into?

    Hope the sun is still shining!

  2. That pesky work gets in the way of a good time. Poor old Uller – home alone one minute; vet the next. Maybe you could sneak her a nice doggie treat from us. South Eastern Oz is enjoying a week of miserable, overcast, occasional downpour – style weather. Apparently that means we have to spread mulch, prune trees and general look busy. Also we are having a few days of intermittent invasions by small children. I’ll explain when we talk. And you are right; we can’t wait to see photos of your day trips. On on!

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