We have made some progress over the last couple of days towards settling in -not bad since we only arrived on Thursday!

Yesterday, we joined the local library and are making use of their free internet access as I type. We start Portuguese lessons here next Monday – even the initial conversation with the tutor made my brain hurt a bit as she, quite rightly, insisted on translating everything we asked her about the lessons into Portuguese. We met the guy at the tourist information office who was very nice and suggested that we go back to him if we need help with anything in the future (he may live to regret that). We think we got our ‘Numeró Contribuiente’ – similar to the US Social Security number, you can’t do much in Portugal without one. I say we think we got them – the guy didn’t speak English and, although he gave us an official piece of paper with a number on for each of us, he then tried to explain further detail in both Portuguese and, when that didn’t work, French. I think it was something to do with registering for residency, but I’m not sure. We’ll find out when we try to use our numbers for the first time I suppose.

We also met our local vets – they have a satellite office in the nearest town, but we had to go to their main surgery on the other side of the mountain for Uller to have a chest X-ray. Turns out she has a lung infection so is on even more drugs. The vet is surprised by the combination she is on already (particularly because she has a diuretic and then a drug for the resulting incontinence) and thinks that, once the infection is sorted, her day-to-day drugs can be simplified.

What is bound to happen when I mention that we haven’t had any rain? Yep, you’ve guessed it. It was pouring this morning and our view looked of the mountain opposite was shrouded in mist. Photos will follow when we are a little more organised. The forecast looks a bit better though, so fingers crossed.

It looks like the posts I do from the phone don’t link to Facebook, so apologies to those of you who are following that way – you’ve missed out on a couple.

Must go – coffee and pastel de nata are calling.



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  1. Uller will be happy to have her medication simplified. Have you warmed the house a bit yet? I see from info available to internet simpletons that it’s 7am, raining and 15C (heading for a max of 16). This is not balmy. Comfort food needed; pass the pastel de nata please.

  2. I so enjoy reading your blogs. Weather appalling in Italy too – rain, rain, rain. Please explain exactly where you are. How far from Lisbon?

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