Backsides into gear


Things have been moving on a bit since we last posted. Hans has sold and we should finalise the balance of the money & collection soon. That was very exciting as it meant we could make a commitment to actually going to Portugal and find somewhere to rent.

Organic roof

So we did! We have a house in a little hamlet a short distance from Castanheira de Pera in central Portugal for four months. The ferry to Santander in northern Spain is booked for just after Easter and Uller will be able to add ‘on a ferry in a kennel’ to the various forms of travel she has experienced in her nearly 15 years! We will spend the first night in a dog-friendly hotel in Santander and then drive to Castanheira de Pera the next day.

So now we need to get our backsides into gear. We started our Portuguese language course before Christmas but got a bit disheartened when things slowed down a bit so stopped almost straight away. We’ll get started again so that we (hopefully) have a little bit of the language under our belts before we get there. And we’ll give ourselves a good talking to – if we get disheartened that easily, moving to Portugal could be a lot harder than it needs to be! Time for some more positive thinking.

And we need to work out how to get all our stuff to Portugal. When we left our house, all most of our belongings went into storage and a removal company will deliver those to us at great expense when we have a permanent home. But we left some stuff at Mum & Dad’s, filled the motorhome with the things we would need for our travels and then acquired more stuff along the way. Like a double kayak and several more cookbooks (even though I told myself that I didn’t need any more) and extra blankets when we realised that what we had in the van wasn’t enough. All nice big bulky things. We have packed everything into large plastic storage boxes and I think at the last count we had about 15, plus a couple of suitcases, other boxes, previously mentioned kayak….. We won’t need all of it straightaway and Mum & Dad have offered to drive down with some stuff once we’ve bought a place but I suspect we have quite a bit more than will fit in the two cars. I think we’ll put that one in the ‘too hard’ basket and worry about it in a few months!



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  1. I have been using google translate for my Portuguese needs. Some of it doesn’t look too difficult; then you press the “speak” button to see what it sounds like and….welcome to a new world. The google translate lady sounds lovely but she is unintelligible without sub-titles. I think Portuguese will come to me (enough to get by) – it has to be easier than English! Happy news! Avante!

  2. My limited Portuguese comes from the final scenes of Love Actually, Boa noite, Eu sou louco. That’s about it. Just had quick look thanks to Google Maps, of course there is only the aerial view, but did notice a football pitch on the outskirts of town.

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