The end of an era


It probably seems a bit strange, starting a new blog with a post called ‘The end of an era’, but it feels a bit as if we are between phases of life at the moment. Let me explain.

In June 2011 we sold our house, I gave up my job and we headed off on a trip around the UK & Europe in Hans the motorhome. We kept a blog during our travels which you can read here if the mood takes you. During that time we had a think about the meaning of life, the universe etc. and decided that we wanted to live in Portugal. In a small house with some land, where D would be responsible for earning a crust and I would be responsible for making that crust go as far as possible, given that it isn’t likely to be a very big crust.

Step one is to sell the motorhome, ending our nomadic era, at least for the time being. He is listed on a certain internet auction site and you can make your generous offer here.

This blog will be about our move to Portugal and life once we get there. It will be a bit slow to get going, while we finalise things in the UK (and continue to take up an unreasonable amount of space in my parent’s house, for which we are very grateful) but eventually it will be full of humorous stories of living the good life in a country where you don’t speak the language or know how anything works. And when you don’t really have much experience of growing stuff, which will be a pretty essential part to the success of our plans. But we can learn, right?

So, please join us on our adventure. As we found during our trip, the good days are more exciting and the bad days are more bearable when you can share them and know that other people are having a good laugh at our expense along with you.



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  1. Congratulations and best wishes. By growing stuff, I’m guessing semi-sustainable food source, crop rotation etc. Looking forward to the next chapter, and although many miles away will be thinking of you both and Uller too.

    (P.S. Your not dragging around a channel 4 camera crew are you?)

  2. We are looking forward to a new, vicarious adventure (little bits of which we hope to share in person, if that’s OK). We think you will face the challenges ahead with patience, guile and the ability to improvise “tea cojones”. With the occasional healing ale etc, what’s to fear? (Apart from sacrificing smart fingernails to the gardening gods).

  3. Best of luck to you! We upped sticks & moved here to Crete just over 6 years ago. It hasn’t been easy – financial crisis & all – but it was worth it. Best tip for growing things – listen to the locals and watch what they grow – there is a reason why some plants thrive & some don’t. I’d hoped to be able to grow some familiar things from the UK – not a hope in this climate, and I’m now concentrating on things more able to withstand the heat.

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